Frequently Asked Questions



Where can my child participate in Soccer Shots?

Soccer Shots is held at daycares, schools, and parks all over your area. Our park programs are open to the general public, but our daycare and school programs are only open to those enrolled at the location.

What type of equipment will my child need to participate?

Soccer Shots provides all the equipment needed at each of our sessions, just make sure that your child wears tennis shoes and activity-appropriate clothing. Cleats and shin guards are NOT necessary.

How do I know the locations of the park programs?

Simply click on the "Season Schedule" on your local page and you will see a list of all our area locations. You’ll notice a listing of all our park programs and a map icon next to each program. Click on the icon to see an exact location of the park program.

Can I have Soccer Shots start a park program near me?

Yes! We are always willing to launch a park program near you. The easiest way for this to happen is for you to form a group of 8 kids willing to take part in a Soccer Shots season. These could be kids from your neighborhood, friends from church or synagogue, or your parent groups. We're happy to help talk through ideas on how to make this happen. Please contact your local director for more information.

What experience does Soccer Shots have teaching children this age?

Soccer Shots has been running clinics specifically designed for 2-to-8 year olds for over 15 years. We have coached over 400,000 children since we began. Our curriculum has been specifically developed with this age group in mind. While our ultimate goal is to develop a love of soccer and fitness for your child, we are firm believers that each child is capable of learning something new each session while having a blast in the process.

What can I expect from a Soccer Shots session?

Soccer Shots sessions are filled with lots of energy, skill development, and fun! Each week we have a specific theme that the session is built around, and our instructors take great pride in having your child learn something new about soccer while having fun and getting lots of exercise.

What happens if a session is cancelled due to inclement weather?

Soccer Shots attempts to make up all missed sessions during the course of a season due to weather. We will either add an additional week to the season or choose a make-up day.

How do I know if a session is cancelled due to in inclement weather?

Please check the latest news under "From the Sidelines" for the most recent cancellation updates. We generally try to post cancellations at least 2 hours before the start of the session.