"Noah had a blast and is especially enjoying his medal. He really retained a lot of information and was so excited each week. Coach Josh did a great job. He had a nice gentle way with the kids and really made it fun." -Karin

"I was very surprised when, after only one day of Soccer Shots, he "taught" me how to dribble. The following week he showed me, as he put it, "the coolest trick ever" and put his foot on top of the ball, then quickly kicked it backwards. So, this note is to say thank you to Soccer Shots and Primrose for the soccer program. My son looks forward to Friday every week." -John

"I just wanted to say that my son LOVED Soccer Shots. The instructor did a great job… Thank you so much!" -Laurel

"He loves it. He talks about the moves he learns and demonstrates to us each move and what the move is called. The lessons are great for the kids and they get involved and feel involved." –Parent of participant

"Our son looks forward to Wednesdays when he knows he will have Soccer Shots. He has demonstrated to us at home some of the skills learned and proudly wears his shirt. As soon as it gets washed he uses it again!" –Parent of participant

"My son looked forward to his "soccer days" at school every week. I am very glad I enrolled him in Soccer Shots; it has built his self-esteem greatly." -Mary