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Bryan Weinstein, Owner:
Growing up in the Los Angeles area gave Brian the opportunity to play sports year round and he has been doing so for the last 30+ years. He started playing multiple sports at the age of 2 and now he does the same with his own two children. Both his kids took soccer classes as early as 2 years old and they loved it. They learned respect, self-control, sharing, and of course a love for soccer. After watching how they grew mentally and physically from that experience, he wanted to pass those same lessons on to many other kids.

Bryan always excelled in sports and loves kids, which motivated him to pursue a career in what he is passionate about. He is dedicated to helping kids start a healthy lifestyle at a young age and turn exercise into a fun activity that they will love!

Jon Duran, Director and Coach:
Born and raised in Mission Viejo, California; Jon developed a love for soccer and basketball at a very young age. From playing the saxophone to horseback riding and junior lifeguards, his parents made it a priority that extracurricular activities would be an essential part to his growth and development as a child. He began his soccer days with the Pateadores, then to the OC Slammers, and finished with West Coast Football Club. In basketball, he played for the 4-D Stars, an A.A.U. travel ball team based out of South Central Los Angeles, where he won a national championship. He then attended Mater Dei High School where he competitively played football, basketball and track. Eventually, it was his love of sports that was the gateway for Jon’s college education as he was accepted into the film school by Chapman University because of a weekly sports report TV production he created his senior year.

While at University, there were several key events that helped inspire Jon to expand his world. At 23, he decided to go on a 45-day backpacking trip - turned three-year extended stay in Southeast Asia. This led him to learn an obscure language, befriend a Thai family that he now considers part of his own, and get the opportunity to teach the funniest, most wonderful and spirited children in his teaching career.

In Fall 2011, he decided to come back home and make a difference in his local community. Teaching children the importance of success through happiness while being shared is his primary purpose. Jon credits his time abroad and all the people that impacted his perspective that helped him discover what was most important in his life. Furthermore, due to government academia not having any youth sports in Southeast Asia, he experienced the direct adverse effect it has on a society and its people. He believes it is the central goal of any institution of youth sports to allow children to play in a fun, creative and positive learning environment. Jon hopes that by sharing his insight of life lessons through Soccer Shots he can help inspire a new generation in becoming exceptional, compassionate, and ambitious human beings.

Roberto Reyes a.k.a. Coach Bobby:
Born, raised, and still living in Mission Viejo, California; Roberto never once doubted his passion for soccer. Coming from a soccer enthused family, Roberto began playing at a very young age with the local AYSO league. Realizing he had a real talent for the game, he moved on from recreational soccer to playing for Laguna Niguel Soccer Club (LNSC) at the age of 12. While at LNSC, Roberto’s development flourished on the field, as well as off the field, helping him to become the player he hoped to be. After just one season, Roberto was named Team Captain, due to his great leadership and teamwork skills. During his four seasons with LNSC, he helped lead his team to several championships including two League Titles. He then made his way over to Capistrano Futbol Club (Capo FC), where he continued to develop has a player and compete at a higher level. Whilst playing for Capo FC, the team won State Cup as well as many other championships. Roberto was quickly recruited by West Coast Futbol Club (WCFC) and began playing for them the very next season. Once again, being made team captain helped fine tune Roberto’s leadership skills on and off the field. He finished out his club years with WCFC and enjoyed every minute of it.

After graduating from high school, Roberto left behind great memories while playing for his high school team. His achievements were: Freshman Year: 2nd in league, Sophomore Year: 2nd in league, Junior Year: 1st in league, and Senior Year: League Champions and CIF Finalist.

Roberto turned down various offers to play at the collegiate level, since he wasn’t sure about his future endeavors. He enrolled in Saddleback College and started with taking his GED. Looking to continue playing once he transfers to a university, Roberto wanted to find a way to give back to the community. He began to develop a passion for coaching, being that he was blessed with great coaches throughout his soccer career who impacted his life on a positive level. Coaching for Soccer Shots allows Roberto to use his passion for soccer to help develop skills and characteristics for young children in his community in order for them to reach any goals they dream of.

Soccer Shots' outstanding crew of instructors consists of highly qualified and motivated soccer coaches who love working with your kids. Their #1 goal is to make sure your child is having fun, being safe, and learning basic soccer skills, teamwork, and fair play. All Soccer Shots instructors are thoroughly background checked.

Bryan Weinstein

Jon Duran