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Erin Stauffer, Director: / 949-647-9287

Bryan Weinstein, Owner:

Growing up in the Los Angeles area gave Brian the opportunity to play sports year round and he has been doing so for the last 30+ years. He started playing multiple sports at the age of 2 and now he does the same with his own two children. Both his kids took soccer classes as early as 2 years old and they loved it. They learned respect, self-control, sharing, and of course a love for soccer. After watching how they grew mentally and physically from that experience, he wanted to pass those same lessons on to many other kids.

Bryan always excelled in sports and loves kids, which motivated him to pursue a career in what he is passionate about. He is dedicated to helping kids start a healthy lifestyle at a young age and turn exercise into a fun activity that they will love!

Soccer Shots' outstanding crew of coaches consists of highly qualified and motivated soccer coaches who love working with your kids. Their #1 goal is to make sure your child is having fun, being safe, and learning basic soccer skills, teamwork, and fair play. All Soccer Shots coaches are thoroughly background checked.