"We recently started our first soccer classes with Soccer Shots South Orange County. I have to admit, I was a little hesitant to put my 3-year-old daughter in a soccer class. We had done a similar athletic class in our community a few months back that didn't work out so well, so I had just agreed that we would come back to athletic sports at about 4-5 years of age. Coach Jon Jon, Director of the South Orange County Soccer Shots classes, offered to come do a demo class for OC Mommies. On the first day, Coach Jon Jon was able to facilitate a group of 3-year-olds with ease--NOT AN EASY TASK!" - Stephanie (Coordinator of

"Dylan looks forward to Soccer Shots each week. From the stop position to dribbling - Dylan loves to play. It's amazing to watch our son learn and interact with other children. Coach Jon Jon is amazingly patient with the kids and we are very happy he was Dylan's first coach. Soccer Shots has been a great experience on every level!" - Dylan's parents

"Soccer Shots has given our shy little girl a sense of confidence and love of going out to 'kick the ball around.' It has been a great introduction to soccer and good sportsmanship. She can't wait for Soccer Shots to start back up at our school in the fall - this is a great program!" - Ella's parents

"Hayden had a really great introduction to soccer through Soccer Shots. He looked forward to the days he had Soccer Shots after school, always excited to play, learn, and wear his Soccer Shots t-shirt. It was great to see his skills develop and learn all the sports terminology. I feel he is well prepared for his first enrollment in AYSO this fall. Thanks, Soccer Shots, for giving Hayden confidence in his ability and sportsmanship." - Hayden's mom

"Soccer shots is such a wonderful program. Not only is it a great way to introduce soccer but also teaches the the kids patience, respect and a team spirit. When our son first started he was very shy, but now looks forward to participating each week and he LOVES Coach Jon Jon! Way to go Soccer Shots!" - Travis' Parents

"Soccer Shots has been such a positive experience for my son. He truly looks forward to seeing Coach Jon Jon each week and practicing his sportsmanship and soccer skills. He enjoys sharing stories about class and the lessons he learns from Coach Jon Jon. It is such a pleasure to be able to participate in a program that teaches values, kindness, and a love for sports. Soccer Shots is by far my son's favorite activity!" - Bryson's Mom

"I can't say enough about how great Soccer Shots is!! My 4 year old son played at Niguel Heights Park on Saturday mornings for the first time and because of Coach Jon's ability to navigate the group of 5 (which is nice because each child got plenty of attention), and teach the children basic soccer skills that make sense to them... My son actually PLAYED soccer!" - Nolan's Mom

"It's a great program! It's nice to see a focus on skill-building and fun versus being overly competitive." - Emily's Parents

"The Soccer Shots program has been one of the best experiences our son has had. Coach Jon is excellent with kids, teaching respect, giving every child care and attention while making every session full of fun and learning. We would recommend any parent put their child in this program, not just to introduce the sport of soccer, but to learn teamwork and respect for others." - Collin's Parents

"My daughter has loved Soccer Shots from the start. Coach Jon Jon is excellent at teaching soccer skills in a fun, organized way. It's refreshing to see quality instruction at such a young age!" - Kaitlyn's Mom

"My son Shane loves playing Soccer Shots and Coach Jon Jon!!! I am very grateful that Soccer Shots is available through his preschool. It gives him an extra incentive to get out of bed for school on Mondays. He says Coach Jon Jon is fun and makes soccer exciting!" - Shane's mom

"Our daughter Addison has had the most incredible time participating in Soccer Shots. Coach Jon Jon is extremely patient with the children and has developed creative ways to teach the fundamentals of the game while ensuring everyone has fun during practice. We couldn't be more pleased with the Soccer Shots experience." - Addison's parents

"Very impressed with the Soccer Shots program. Coach Jon communicates the fundamentals of soccer in a fun method that young children can comprehend and enjoy. Each child is treated with respect and dignity regardless of skill level. I highly recommend Soccer Shots!!"
- Miss Janet, Teacher, Kiddie Academy

"Coach Jon Jon is amazing! This is our second year partnering with Soccer Shots. Our Monday and Tuesday classes continue to grow! The high quality development approach allows the children to grow, play, and learn the fundamentals of soccer without pressure. Soccer Shots has been a blessing to our lunch bunch enrichment program."
- Miss Vanessa, Director
Talega Life Church Preschool

"Since day one, Soccer Shots has proven to be a tremendous hit at Marbella Montessori. Coach Jon's compassion to the program is evident through his intense dedication in helping our students thrive. He goes above and beyond to ensure his players are getting the best experience possible during their 40 minute class periods. Not only do they learn the basics of soccer, but they also strengthen their confidence through team work and socialization.The children remain eager to see Coach Jon Jon week after week and session after session. We try our hardest to offer our students nothing less then the best, and it really can't get better than Soccer Shots. Thank you!!"
- Miss Cherine (Assistant Director at Marbella Montessori)