Why you like Soccer Shots-

"Hi there. We just finished our very first Soccer Shots experience this evening with our two boys (at the Bible Chapel in McMurray). I just wanted to share with you how immediately impressed we were with Coach Jen. We are new to any sort of peewee sports, so I don't know if they are all like her, but we thought she was great. I couldn't believe she knew every kid's name after only about a minute, and did such a great job of engaging the kids and instructing in a way they would understand. My younger son is incredibly reserved and terrified of new/unknown things and experiences, but she got him participating right away and by the time we left, he told us he had a great time and can't wait to go back next week.
I know that often the only time people give feedback is when it is negative, so I just wanted to make sure I shared with you what a positive experience we had the first time and how much we left there thinking so highly of Coach Jen. Keep up the good work!" - Kim Fuchs

" Just wanted to let you know what a wonderful first experience my grandson had in the Classic Soccer Shots practice last night. He had never participated in any type of organized sports activity and it was such a positive experience with Coach Chuck. Coach Chuck made learning fun, was able to communicate on the kid’s level and I was amazed when they were actually running up and down the field with the ball by the end of the session. And, although it was the last session of the night he listened to my grandson tell him he “had two shirts on” and all the other non sequitur comments from the kids but still keep the session on track. He also was able to work on team and personal etiquette, also in a fun and positive way. We are looking forward to the rest of the season and feel so blessed to have been assigned Coach Chuck for this initial introduction to soccer and to sports in general..
Thank you" - Cyndi Gropp

"Hello! I just wanted to write about Coach Mike at my daughter's birthday yesterday.
I can not even begin to describe how wonderful Soccer Shots is, specifically Coach Mike. My daughter, Claire, has been involved in Soccer Shots for a year now with Coach Mike and she absolutely loves it (Tender Care on Old Perry Hwy.) When he showed up at her birthday party yesterday, from the minute he got out of his car, he interacted with all of the kids and new everyone's name immediately! We had a range of kids from 3 years old to 12 years old and he made sure that everyone felt included. Coach Mike has had a very big influence on Claire and she loves soccer because of it! A million thank you's wouldn't be enough to let you know how happy I am with Soccer Shots!"
- Samantha Schieck

"Hello!  Just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how AMAZING Coach Kevin was at Aila's party. It was a diverse group of kids and I didn't have very high expectations of them engaging for very long! I could not believe how great Kevin was keeping all of the kids interested, engaged, and actually trying to play soccer! There were probably like 8 elementary school teachers there and everyone was in awe of how well Coach Kevin could manage this group of kids! He was really enthusiastic, kind, patient, and fun. The kids had an amazing time and all of the adults kept saying that it was one of the best birthday parties they had ever been to. Thank you again!"
- Natasha, AJ, and Aila!

"Hi Anthony, I just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know how thrilled we have been with Coach Kevin. As a teacher, I personally would be hesitant about coaching a bunch of 2 and 3 year olds! However, Coach Kevin brought his high energy and positive attitude to every practice. He was wonderful at welcoming the kids, remembering their names, and making them feel comfortable and confident. We really saw growth in our son throughout these 8 weeks and have signed him up for the fall! Again, we just want to commend Coach Kevin on his phenomenal coaching style and patience!" — Katie Leckenby

"I'm writing to tell you about a birthday party we attended today with my 4 year old son. It was a soccer theme party at Blueberry Park in Sewickley PA.  Coach Kevin was hired through Soccer Shots to give a little lesson and support the kids in a game type activity. My son has autism, and sports are tricky for him. I was really apprehensive about the party because I didn't want him to distract everyone with poor behavior. I was ready to let him just leave the party area and do his own thing. However, Coach Kevin started off the instruction with loads of enthusiasm and immediately learned the kids names. It was just amazing. He worked so hard during that party and gave each child participating a positive experience at their own level- truly, it was amazing to watch! I felt so much pride and happiness for my son watching as Kevin and all the other party attendees cheered him on as he made a goal. This was a wonderful memory for our whole family. I just felt compelled to send a note and hopefully you can extend our gratitude to Kevin, who went far above and beyond to make this party a huge success!
Thank you so much! We're checking out the site now to see if lessons in Cranberry might be an option for us! Our son had such a wonderful introduction to the sport today!"

"Hello, I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how great of a coach "coach Chuck" is. My daughter Tessa is in the 3-5yr old group. Tessa has some special needs, she was diagnosed with oppositional defiant disorder and is also being tested on an autistic spectrum. Soccer shots was the first program we enrolled her in as I wanted to see how she would do outside of the home. Of course looking at her one would never know that she has some special needs and I did not inform coach Chuck either as this is all new to me as a parent. Tessa has a very hard time with transitions and obviously at practice transitions happen all the time. Coach Chuck is absolutley amazing with her. He has spent extra time her, getting her comfortable when they change activities, etc. Last week was exceptionally difficult and I did talk with coach Chuck after practice to let him know about Tessa's condition. It was so great to see that he put in extra effort to help her along even before knowing that "normal" activites are hard for her. I just thought I should bring it to your attention that great coach that he is. It is a huge relief to me as a parent. Thank you for having such an amazing peron as one of your coaches!!"  — Ashley Santoro

"Good Morning Anthony, I just wanted to let you know that Malley will not be participating in the upcoming winter session; I am due to have a baby on Monday (Malley’s going to have a little brother!) and while I’m on maternity leave she will primarily be at home with me rather than at Sunny’s. I can’t tell you how pleased I’ve been with your program and so I wanted to let you know that her absence is only temporary! She’ll be back in pre-school at Sunny’s by Spring and will be looking forward to another awesome season! Please extend my message to Coach Tim and thank him for an awesome job! Some of the kids in the neighborhood participate in a competitive community soccer league and even at 5 and 6 years old they’ve not learned the skills that Malley’s gained from her experience at Soccer Shots. I really appreciate the strong foundation of skills and sportsmanship this program builds and am looking forward to many more seasons for BOTH kids!" —Chelsey

"Hi Anthony, I have to say that coach Cheyenne is just great. I have no idea how she has so much patience and I have 2 kids! My son Grady suffers a bit of social anxiety and she gives him time to get acclimated but makes sure he participates. She has been fantastic!" —Rory

"Each week of this session has been great. Each week Nico is getting the hang of a few more things. Coach Jay is just wonderful. I have no idea where you find these amazing coaches (Melissa first) and now Jay; but they are making such an impact on our 2-year-old son. Thank you for your work with the children of Pittsburgh!!"  —Jenny

"So many things! 1 - the amount of structure 2 - the focus on sportsmanship 3- the balance between fun/games and skill learning. I am the Recreation Director for Whitehall Borough and I have been involved in many sports clinics, both professionally and personally, as I have three children of my own and I have to say this one was - by far - the most impressive. Your instructor was fabulous with the children! At this age level it is such a challenge to keep kids focused and interested but she made it look simple. The program itself was well organized, structured and really taught the kids basic soccer skills they can build on in the future. My daughter and I absolutely loved it!" —Parent, Emma

“As a parent of two kids (5 and 3.5) in Soccer Shots, I would highly recommend the program and have done so with many other parents. We had our oldest play soccer with the YMCA last summer when she was 4 years old. The two experiences could not have been more different. The coach at the YMCA did not seem to understand the game, was inexperienced in coaching and seemed relatively uninterested in young kids. My daughter went to all the practices but she and the other kids had to be coaxed back onto the field by the parents. Soccer Shots has been great. The two coaches we’ve had (Emily and Ashley) are enthusiastic, know the game and make learning fundamentals fun. All the kids have their own ball and have a great time learning to dribble, trap the ball and shoot. Rarely do you see any of the kids coming outside of the playing area (unless they’re going to tell their parents how much fun they’re having). I would highly recommend having Soccer Shots provide a program.” —Chris

"My 4 year old son absolutely loves Coach Emily. He has learned so much from her - he's even been trying to teach his Grandpa how to play soccer! Emily has a great skill for working with young kids and her enthusiasm for the sport has turned our family into avid soccer fans. We're looking forward to another season with Coach Emily! Alex will be thrilled to hear she will be teaching again. Thank you for a great program!" —Jenny 

"Coach Anthony, I just wanted to let you know that Coach Sam did a fantastic job with the children this season. Michael enjoyed every session and could not wait from week-to-week for Soccer Shots. He learned a lot from Coach Sam and will now be moving on to the Penns Forest Shrubs program. Please tell Coach Sam that she did a wonderful job. Thank you." —Rob

"Just wanted to let you know that Coach Mike is doing a fantastic job. We love the games you guys have the kids playing to develop the skills, and Mike does a great job getting them all excited and included, even in the RAIN! So many of my friends have their kiddos in "club" programs right now at this age group and the kids hate it! They are so not ready to play an actual "game" yet, and that's where they push them. Your program is so much better just encouraging the skills, the socialization, and the FUN! That's exactly what they should be doing at this age. Thanks again, we appreciate it, and will choose your program over a "club" program anyday." —Melanie

“My son Keaton absolutely loved the soccer shots program and I would refer it to anyone. He really knows the basic skills of soccer now. I wish this program was available when my other son was younger because he would have enjoyed soccer so much more by understanding the game. He was in the YMCA program and was lost with how to play. I would recommend soccer shots to any child before signing up on an actual team. What a difference!!!! Thanks so much." —Mary
“We signed Grace up for a 7 week course in Introduction to Soccer! It's like joining a team only no hassle of going to a cold field for practice and then running around to games on Saturdays. It's at her preschool, before class, so it's really nice. She absolutely enjoyed it!!” —Parent of participant

"Noah had a blast and is especially enjoying his medal. He really retained a lot of information and was so excited each week. Coach Josh did a great job. He had a nice gentle way with the kids and really made it fun." —Karin

"I was very surprised when, after only one day of Soccer Shots, he "taught" me how to dribble. The following week he showed me, as he put it, "the coolest trick ever" and put his foot on top of the ball, then quickly kicked it backwards. So, this note is to say thank you to Soccer Shots and Primrose for the soccer program. My son looks forward to Friday every week." —John

"I just wanted to say that my son LOVED Soccer Shots. The instructor did a great job… Thank you so much!" —Laurel

"He loves it. He talks about the moves he learns and demonstrates to us each move and what the move is called. The lessons are great for the kids and they get involved and feel involved." –Parent of participant

"Our son looks forward to Wednesdays when he knows he will have Soccer Shots. He has demonstrated to us at home some of the skills learned and proudly wears his shirt. As soon as it gets washed he uses it again!" –Parent of participant

"My son looked forward to his "soccer days" at school every week. I am very glad I enrolled him in Soccer Shots; it has built his self-esteem greatly." -Mary

“BTW: I don't know how you got him interested in this, but we are delighted. He has taken soccer twice before and hated it. The last time he was so miserable that I told him he never had to take soccer again. Imagine my surprise when he asked me to sign him up!”  —Mary Beth

"Anthony, I just wanted to take a quick minute and thank you for this wonderful opportunity to be apart of your program. Our son Nicolo (Nico) is 2 and with that comes a lot of unexpected emotional changes literally by the minute. With that said my husband and I were in awe of Coach Melissa. She is just wonderful with the children. She is patient, and let's each child go at their own pace and comfort level. Nico was not very attentive today; as the weeds and daises and many other outside distractions were very interesting to him. However, he absolutely loved kicking the cones with Coach Melissa. She is a very kind person and we are just honored to be a part of this program. Thank you." —Jenny