Meet The Coaches

We are proud to have the best coaches in youth soccer.

Coach Rachel

Coach Rachel

Brand Ambassador

Coach Rachel is our Brand Ambassador. You will see her at your park sessions talking with parents to ensure your experience is AWESOME!

Coach Rachel loves spending time with her family and listening to live music during her time away from soccer. She went to school for Early Childhood Development and loves promoting physical, social and emotional support in the children she works with.  She grew up playing soccer and loves that she was able to find something to bring all of her passions together.

Favorite food: Tacos
Favorite color: Green
Favorite Soccer Shots Game: Knights and Dragons

Coach Peter

Coach Peter

Assistant Director of Coaching

Coach Peter joined Soccer Shots in March 2013! He started as an assistant coach and is now our lead coach and mentor to new coaches!

Passionate about child development and building character, Coach Peter loves the opportunity to coach your children and have a positive impact. Besides playing soccer, Peter enjoys playing with his son, and he also plays in a band!

Favorite Food: Tacos
Favorite Soccer Shots Game: Sleepy Giant, Jail Break and Tag

Coach Mitch

Coach Mitch

Coach, Director of Multimedia Communications

Coach Mitch is our Director of Media Relations. You might see him at events with Coach Rachel!!

Even when he’s not working, Coach Mitch loves to be involved in soccer. Whether it be watching the sport on tv or joining in a pick-up game, he can never get enough soccer. He also enjoys going to the zoo and spending time with family and friends. Coach Mitch really likes that Soccer Shots is an opportunity for kids to learn, play soccer and have fun!

Favorite Sports Team: Crystal Palace FC
Favorite Food: Pasta
Favorite Animal: Rhino

Mathieu Kruszewski

Mathieu Kruszewski


Outside of work, Coach Mathieu is a student at the University of Buffalo and plays in various adult soccer leagues around Buffalo. He enjoys going to the beach, hanging out with friends, riding his bike and playing frisbee golf. He likes that Soccer Shots teaches both soccer and life skills to the kids.

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