Meet The Coaches

We are proud to have the best coaches in youth soccer.

Coach Marty

Coach Marty

Favorite Soccer Shots Game: Big Friendly Bear

Favorite Soccer Shots Skill: Pass & Trap

Favorite Ice Cream: Chocolate

Favorite Outdoor Activity: Slowpitch Softball

Farthest Place Traveled To: California

Background: Marty is currently in his 9th year with Soccer Shots. He started coaching in 2010 while attending classes at UNI. In 2012, he earned a bachelor’s degree in Communications: Electronic Media and has been the Franchise Director of Soccer Shots Iowa since June of 2016!

Coach Sydney

Coach Sydney

Favorite Soccer Shots Game: Catch The Coach

Favorite Soccer Shots Skill: Popcorn

Favorite Ice Cream: Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked

Favorite Outdoor Activity: Hiking

Farthest Place Traveled To: Italy

Background: Sydney has worked with kids as a previous youth soccer coach for Cedar Falls Recreation and also in La Paz, Mexico during her college internship. She worked as a Kids Academy team member at Lifetime Fitness and was a care coordinator at Montessori Children’s Home!

Coach Matt

Coach Matt

Favorite Soccer Shots Game: Animal Farm

Favorite Soccer Shots Skill: Shooting

Favorite Ice Cream: Birthday Cake

Favorite Outdoor Activity: Officiating Soccer

Farthest Place Traveled To: Texas

Background: Matt is currently as student at Drake University in Des Moines. He is majoring in Actuarial Science and minoring in Data Analytics. During the fall and spring, he enjoys being a referee for many different high school soccer teams across the state!

Coach Austin

Coach Austin

Favorite Soccer Shots Game: Volcanoes

Favorite Soccer Shots Skill: Pull-Back

Favorite Ice Cream: Black Raspberry

Favorite Outdoor Activity: Hunting

Farthest Place Traveled To: Turkey

Background: Austin was born and raised in Des Moines. His experience with soccer includes three years of varsity level play while in high school. Currently, he is the head football coach for Grand View Christian High School in Des Moines!

Coach Kristi

Coach Kristi

Favorite Soccer Shots Game: Elephants & Peanuts

Favorite Soccer Shots Skill: Step-Over

Favorite Ice Cream: Chocolate

Favorite Outdoor Activity: Jogging

Farthest Place Traveled To: Hawaii

Background: Kristi was born and raised in Des Moines. She started playing soccer when she was just a toddler and continued up through 5th grade. Her favorite part about Soccer Shots is that she loves to help children learn and takes great pride in being a positive-minded coach!

Employment Opportunities

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