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Celebrate Back to School!

Get ready for back to school by talking to your child about routines. Getting in to your “school routine” early will help set your family up for success! Talk to your child about your family routines and use our Soccer Shots September calendar to plan out your routines! Don’t forget to add fall soccer to your calendar!



You have your child’s First Day of School outfit planned (Soccer Shots jersey, of course!), but now you need a sign to make the photo. Print and use our First Day of School sign for the soccer player in your life! Use #soccershotsbts to share your photos with us!


10 Things Parents Can Ask To Help Kids Learn Life Lessons From Sports

These questions, in the right moments and situations involving sports, can help your child draw the parallels between lessons learned in sports so they can apply them to life and the bigger overall picture. Children may not readily understand that connection, but by communicating with them using these conversation starters, they will start to draw the parallels themselves.

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