Soccer Shots On The Go!


Spring soccer is still on! Soccer Shots is going online to kick off the spring season and keep your child learning! Soccer Shots On The Go uses our expert-approved curriculum to help families get moving and have some fun…at home! Each week, you’ll receive an age-appropriate video packed with soccer skills, character development and creative ways to stay active!

We hope to transition back to Soccer Island soon and we plan to make-up as many sessions as possible, but Soccer Shots On The Go is a great way to keep your family moving until then.

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In response to the social distancing measures being taken across North America, we are making adjustments to the way we deliver the Soccer Shots experience. As the safety and well-being of our families is always our highest consideration, we want to ensure that your children (and you!) are still able to keep some sense of normalcy throughout these uncertain times.



Create your own silly soccer story! Fill in the blanks by choosing a word for each noun specified. Then, read your story out loud. Get ready for lots of giggles!


10 Things Parents Can Ask To Help Kids Learn Life Lessons From Sports

These questions, in the right moments and situations involving sports, can help your child draw the parallels between lessons learned in sports so they can apply them to life and the bigger overall picture. Children may not readily understand that connection, but by communicating with them using these conversation starters, they will start to draw the parallels themselves.

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