COVID-19 Update - March 30, 2020


We understand that each and every person and family are grappling with the impacts of COVID-19 and extended social distancing. We know that this is not the first and will not be the last email you will get regarding different services you are a part of. We want to update everyone as to where we stand currently. We have been acting in accordance with the CDC, State and Federal Government guidelines in the “Stay at Home” order. 

In our last communication, we indicated that we’d paused programming until April 4th, possibly April 18th. Yesterday, President Trump announced that the measures would stay in place until at least April 30th. 

We thank you for your grace and understanding as we navigate together through these unprecedented times

 Our goal, as a small business, is to find a way to reduce the impact of social distancing on your child and family, and to deliver a beloved growth experience that is familiar, fun, and excellent! 

What we want is thousands of children getting access to positive role models every week, who facilitate their character, physical, and soccer development. 

We will be playing again soon! 


A bright, sunny & beautiful San Diego Summer day and the worst is behind us. We have the green light to begin life again! The kids have been cooped up for weeks and weeks, apart from their peers, and are aching for some structured interaction and fun play…

Enroll for Summer (beginning July):  

Thank your patience and understanding in this unprecedented situation. 

The past 10+ years, Soccer Shots has been working to create an environment where all children can have a great experience being introduced and developed in the world of sports & it’s life lessons, through the platform of soccer in San Diego County.  

Be safe, enjoy time with family, and we will see you soon!

Jim Hill, CEO – Soccer Shots San Diego SDCC

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If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email us. If using email, please let us know the best time to contact you. We will respond to your question as soon as possible.

Soccer Shots San Diego Central, North County & Coastal
Phone Number: 619-566-9566
Email Address: [email protected]


Weather Updates:

Any weather updates are communicated via email. Please make sure you have [email protected] in your contacts list and check your email before leaving for soccer if the weather is questionable. We will try to send text message updates for last minute changes due to fickle weather. Also, please go to and “Like” our Facebook page, as we direct updates through there