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National Physical Fitness & Sports Month

May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month! Daily activity for your child results in physical, educational and social benefits and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

May is the perfect month to get outside and move! To participate in this May movement, we encourage you to add 5-10 minutes of activity to your child’s and family’s day with some creative and fun ideas from our calendar.



Celebrate the Cup as some of the best female athletes in the world come together to represent their countries on a global stage.

In addition to the athleticism and skill on display, watching sporting events provides opportunities for your child to see real-life examples of character concepts and skills learned at Soccer Shots.

Use this guide to celebrate the events, start a conversation with your child, or get your family moving! This guide includes examples of teachable moments, mini-games, fun activities, France history and more!


10 Things Parents Can Ask To Help Kids Learn Life Lessons From Sports

These questions, in the right moments and situations involving sports, can help your child draw the parallels between lessons learned in sports so they can apply them to life and the bigger overall picture. Children may not readily understand that connection, but by communicating with them using these conversation starters, they will start to draw the parallels themselves.

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